Android IDE and SDK: A Compiled List

Android Studio is the official IDE provided by Google. It is the most used IDE to develop native app. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ and requires developer to write app in Java language.

But Android Studio is not the only available option and app can be written in different languages such as Javascript, C# and HTML. There are many alternatives which are worth using because they offer many good features such as cross-platform and familiar programming languages.
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How to Surround Selected Codes with Quote or Brace in Android Studio

By default, when you highlight a word or a phrase then press quote, the highlighted words are replaced by quotes. That’s how Android Studio works. There are 2 solutions to insert quotes or braces. Continue reading “How to Surround Selected Codes with Quote or Brace in Android Studio”

Final Fantasy XV Review

Square Enix have been a developer that’s been relatively hit and miss over the last few years. Some of their games have been great; yet some have been mediocre at best. After how hit and miss FF13 turned out to be, I don’t think anyone had the highest hopes for the next mainstream Final Fantasy title, but did FF15 manage to push past all that and become the next best RPG from Square Enix? Well, let’s find out! Continue reading “Final Fantasy XV Review”

5 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2017

It’s the age of Windows 10. A lot of laptops, tablets, and laptop-tablet hybrids spot Windows 10. There’s a wide variety out there offering different features at different prices. However, to make things easy for you, here are the best Windows 10 tablets out there. They are not only good-looking, but they also have a broad range of fantastic qualities. Continue reading “5 Best Windows 10 Tablets in 2017”