5 Best App Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Android and iPhone Source Codes

A game always takes a long time to be completely developed and deployed to market. There are 2 options which can be used to reduce development time; one is to hire coders from freelancer markets, the other is to buy source code to modify. This post will introduce you the best marketplaces to buy Android and iOS source codes from. Continue reading “5 Best App Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Android and iPhone Source Codes”

4 Ways to Make Apps on Android Phones

Mobile’s technology has come a long way and now can be compared to PC in many fields. However, development on a mobile device is not among those fields. There hasn’t been a good alternative to Android Studio for making developing task on mobile easier. However, there are still many workarounds that are acceptable, at least to me.
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Navigation Drawer Tutorials & Libraries

Navigation Drawer is the standard menu navigation in materialize design, which is commonly used in many popular apps. It is a panel that displays an app’s main navigation menu on the left edge of the screen. It is hidden most of the time and is only called with an action such as swiping or tapping. Following are tutorials about Navigation Drawer you should read to understand more about it and libraries to help implement it easier.
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Android Network Libraries

AsyncTask is a sought after solution when it comes to working with network connection. However, it has lots of disadvantages and lacks of features to make network requests more efficiently. Fortunately, there are a lot of Android network libraries which can do what Asynctask do and do it even better. These libraries provide important features that developers require in a library. Some of them are executing requests in parallel, cancelling network requests, caching downloaded data locally, wrapping REST API calls, supporting SPDY, HTTP/2, and serializing through JSON.
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