MK808B Android TV Stick Review

The MK808B is an Android mini PC that includes quite a few interesting functions and specs. Like any other Android device, it allows you access to almost the full suite of Android applications, perhaps with the exception of apps that require a touchscreen. Still, as a device that enhances your living room TV experience, the MK808B is quite a formidable opponent compared to many of the other Android sticks out there. You also might be surprised at the number of things it can do, especially given its very small form factor.


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Can Android Mini PC Replace Desktop PC?

The current trend in small and mobile computing has shaken up the computing industry over the last several years. A lot of people are now wondering if these smaller computing devices will eventually overtake traditional desktop PCs. Current trends seem to suggest that it might replace the desktop for certain tasks, but not quite for everything.


One of the ways in which mobile technology is attempting to act as a computer is through Android. For the most part Android only exists in smartphones and tablets, but more recent devices don’t have a screen at all. Instead, they are called Android mini pc.
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5 Best Ways to Use an Android Mini PC

The invention of Android mini PCs has started to popularize the idea of extremely portable computing. For around the price of $50 or so, it’s hard to get much more value for your dollar. Not to mention, you get access to all of those Android apps and games. Here, we list a few ways in which you can use an Android mini PC.

Media Center

One of the best uses for these cheap mini PCs is as a media center. Since most of them can output through HDMI at 1080p resolution, it becomes a great way to stream things like Netflix and Hulu directly to your TV, even if you don’t own one of those fancy smart TVs. You can also use services like Pandora, Spotify, basically anything that Android can support.
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Dell’s Android HDMI Dongle with Desktop Virtualization

The Google Chromecast has begun to popularize the concept of an extremely portable computer that can be plugged into any HDMI display. Its main disadvantage, though, is the fact that it doesn’t run Android or any other full operating system. Instead, it runs a slimmed down variant of Chrome OS, and any apps you install may need specific support for Chromecast.
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What is an Android Game Console?

If you’ve been thinking about diving headfirst into the world of video gaming but are ensure that you want to spend the kind of money that “next generation” consoles command, you might want to look more closely at Android game console.

What exactly is an Android game console?

Basically standalone video game console that resemble miniaturize Android PC solutions – with a dedicated video game controller interface, and the ability to leverage all of the Android titles already available on the market today – your new Android video game console is going to open up a world of entertainment that you may not have known existed.

The great thing about these products are that let you jump right into the world of Android video gaming with no delay whatsoever, letting you play any of the current titles out there right now right on your big screen TV with these dedicated pieces of hardware.
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How to Turn Your TV into a Smart TV

Our media consumption habits are becoming increasingly sophisticated as we move into the digital age, where high-speed Internet connections are commonplace, and more and more people are turning to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, or sites like YouTube. In this way, traditional TVs are starting to become more and more useless. This is why, as of late, the “Smart TV” trend has been on the rise. They are meant as a convenient way to consume digital and Internet-based media right from the comfort of your couch.

The problem comes when you try to actually purchase a Smart TV. Typically they are significantly more expensive than regular TVs, making the barrier to entry a little high. Fortunately, there are a few other ways in which you can go about this, by converting your existing TV into something much smarter.
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UG007B Review

There are many quad-core android mini pcs out there so choosing the best one is hard. Let’s take a look at the Ug007B; I have in the past used other versions of Android mini pc, all aimed at turning your ordinary TV into a Smart TV or PC, but have found that this device is ticking all the right boxes for me.

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