10+ Best Android Minimalist Games to Kill Time

There are games that are full of graphics, interesting storylines, and engaging music, but those games should be played on a console rather than on an Android smartphone. Sometimes, we have only a few minutes to pass and at that moment, we need something quick and easy to play. Obviously, we won’t start playing Real Racing 3 or Max Payne when we’re in the hospital’s waiting room. These minimalist games require less space and minimum power usage and are ideal for people who love to play a quick game. Following is a list of the best Android minimalist games: Continue reading “10+ Best Android Minimalist Games to Kill Time”

5 Best Android Brain Training Games

Challenging games could be of immense help. They stimulate brain activity hence improving your memory and insuring an overall healthy mind.

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, here are five best android brain training games to keep you entertained as well as healthy. Continue reading “5 Best Android Brain Training Games”

7 Best Android Stealth Games

Stealth games have always been part of the staple diet of video game enthusiasts around the world. There is something immeasurably fascinating about diving head-first into a fictional world where uncertainty and mystery reigns. And this isn’t even a recent phenomenon; people have long been enamored by mysteries and cunning ploys and have invested hours upon hours of their time in these fantasies. As technology has progressed, the demand for stealth games has expanded to the realm of phones and tablets. Needless to say, the market has delivered. Here are the top stealth games that you can find for your Android device: Continue reading “7 Best Android Stealth Games”

5 Best Android Football and NFL Games

Who does not love watching an exciting football match? However, sometimes merely watching it is not enough. Sometimes, we crave to know how it feels to play it. Football games allow us to experience such feelings.

Here is a list of the five best football games available on Android. Continue reading “5 Best Android Football and NFL Games”