5 Best Android Games for Kids

Android is no more a luxury; rather it has been a necessity now. And when it comes to teaching something to this generation kids, there is nothing better than using Android for the same. Kids love to use cell phones and now when they are very well acquainted with all sorts of apps, its right if their parents install some games which have educational as well as ethical values.

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7 Best Open World Games on Android

The term ‘Open World Game’ refers to the games where an entire virtual world is set up for the user-controlled animated character to explore. These games are also known as ‘sandbox.’ They do not restrict the user to follow the linear mechanics and provide the freedom to roam openly in the virtual world.

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9 Best First Person Shooter Games for Android

One of the most famous types of games that are played on these portable screen sizes is first person shooting games. These games have exquisite graphics, HD displays, and powerful processors that make mobile gaming more interesting

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8 Best Tennis Games For Android

If tennis is your passions but don’t have always the time to take it to the real court, you can always find a few spare moments and relax by playing an Android tennis game. Sure, it isn’t as fun as in real life, but it will certainly not give you injures and have you pay for expensive tennis lessons and equipment. Moreover, you can only embarrass yourself online so your friends will never know exactly how good of a real life player you are. Continue reading “8 Best Tennis Games For Android”