6 Best Android Game Similar to Gundam

It is sad that there aren’t many Gundam games on Android. Following are some games which has similar style as Gundam games.


 M2: War of Myth Mech

M2: War of Myth Mech is a 3D mecha action game. The game lets  you play and customize mechs and use them in battles.
In the beginning, you will pilot a humanoid then transform into mech. Each mech has different skillset. There are lots of different types of weapons available to equip them to your mechs. Continue reading “6 Best Android Game Similar to Gundam”

5 Best Marble Games for Android (Similar to Zuma)

Marble is a sub-genre of match-3 puzzle with simple yet addictive gameplay. Player shoot a ball to other balls in order to form a match-3 line. Following are 5 good games in this genre.

Egypt Legend: Temple of Anubis

Egypt Legend: Temple of Anubis is a Zuma-like game with the Egyptian theme. It is easy to play, but addictive, which you will find yourself keep playing the game for hours. Your goal is to destroy all the marbles before they reach the end of the tunnel. You need to shoot marbles and group 3 or more identical marbles together to destroy them. Continue reading “5 Best Marble Games for Android (Similar to Zuma)”

12 Best Sniper Games for Android

Sniping games are always fun, be it on a PC or on Android. Below are the best ones on Android and don’t forget to get a bluetooth game controller to maximize your shooting experience.

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is a free sniper game available on Android, and it’s arguably the best one. This game is all about becoming the best sniper and taking action. The game is simple; just shoot to kill. It’s a stunning FPS game as you take on the fight against evil with over 130 unique missions and unbelievably immersive 3D graphics, featuring exotic locations and urban skyscrapers.
Continue reading “12 Best Sniper Games for Android”

6 Best Motorcycle Racing Games for Android


Motocross is the most popular motorcycle game developed by Glu Mobile. The game features stunning HD graphics which render every jump, trick, and crash in high quality. You can either compete for freestyle dominance with insane tricks or challenge the others online or in single player events including Motocross, Freestyle, Step Up, and more. There are over 800 custom configurations to decorate your bike. Continue reading “6 Best Motorcycle Racing Games for Android”