How to Play Pokemon GO on PC

Everyone knows that Pokemon GO is a battery killer game. Even though it has a bulit-in battery saving mode, it still can’t allow gamers to play the game on the road for hours. The best way to save battery is to play Pokemon GO on PC. This post will introduce tools to help you run the game smoothly on PC. Continue reading “How to Play Pokemon GO on PC”

Download Pokemon GO Even If Your Country Isn’t Supported

Pokemon GO is the latest Pokemon game developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. The game has created quite a buzz. There are over millions of users after several days after its launching. It is claimed to be about to surpass Twitter in daily active users. Continue reading “Download Pokemon GO Even If Your Country Isn’t Supported”

How To Get Paid Apps For Free On Android

Apps are among the things that attract most people to android and other smartphones. Everyone love free apps and will like to have paid apps without spending money. If that is what you are searching for you are welcome as this article is going to intimate you more on the legitimate way to get paid apps without spending a dime!


Amazon App of the Day

The Amazon Appstore is the second to the best after Google play store. But, for some time now, it has been like a forgotten zone. So, in order to still keep attention of people alive about Amazon, they normally offer their visitors some of the paid apps free. You can easily check out Amazon Appstore online in order to select the apps you want from list of apps of the day offered in Amazon Appstore.
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How to Root Your Android Phone and Tablet?

What is root?

Sometimes, the features that you get with your Android phone are not sufficient and you want more. This is where you will find rooting to be the perfect solution. Rooting is what can be called as breaking the boundaries. Via rooting, users can gain access deep into the sub-system of the phone. Via this procedure, you will be able to obtain access to the entire operating system. Thus, you would have the power to customize any settings on your Android device. Continue reading “How to Root Your Android Phone and Tablet?”

DVD Catalyst 4 Review – Cheapest Way to Convert AVI, DIVX MKV, MPEG and More

No longer do you have to watch as your favorite DVDs collect dust because you are always on the go and unable to watch them. You do not have to purchase multiple items to watch them on your mobile devices either; not when you get DVD Catalyst 4. Behold the best innovation since the introduction of the mobile device, and start watching all your favorite movies again when you find out what DVD Catalyst can do for you. Read my DVD Catalyst 4 review below to see what are the best features of this program!

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How to Give an App as a Gift

Is your friend celebrating birthday and you do not know the right gift to offer to him or her? Do you just purchased android phone for your kids and want them to enjoy it more? Or any of your family member or friends just got android, tablet or smartphone as Christmas gift and you do not know the right way to make them enjoy the phones? If these are your experience and worry, the best suggestion is simply to give them app as a gift. This post is going to intimate you on how to give an app as a gift.
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Root Master: Easy Way to Root your Android Device

Gaining root access is a challenge for many Android users. Some manufacturers do not overprotect their gadgets, so accessing the root is quite simple. In many other cases, rooting the device becomes a challenge. It makes no difference why you want to do it. Maybe you plan to uninstall those advertising applications put in by your mobile carrier or perhaps you want to install some third party applications. Anyhow, rooting the device gives you more features, while doing it is extremely simple with Root Master – one of the most appreciated applications to root Android smartphones. Continue reading “Root Master: Easy Way to Root your Android Device”