Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 6 and 7

The most popular decks in Arena 6 and 7 consist of either Hog or Giant. I also strongly suggest to use one of them because both of them are useful cards on higher Arena. If you have Golem or Lava Hound, it is even better

Decks without Legendary Cards

Hog rider - Fire spirits - Zap - Fireball - Musketeer - Inferno tower - Skeleton army - Goblin barrel


This spell-bait deck is a meta deck which can be used until later on higher Arena, where you only need to switch 1 or 2 cards. It is strong in both attack and defense.

Required Cards: Hog, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower


You need to constantly send our troops to force enemy to react with defense card and to waste elixirs. The purpose is to make your enemy use spell on one troop and you send out the other troop to attack Tower. Hog + Fire Spirits near the bridge can help bring the Hog to reach and hit Tower at least once. If your enemy uses zap on Skeleton Army or Hog, Goblin Barrel will be their nightmare in attack and Inferno Tower can be used to shut down any heavy troops without being afraid of attack resetting.


Fire Spirits is one of the most useful defense cards with positive elixir trade. Three spirits can kills almost every thing with only 2 elixirs. For heavy troop, Inferno Tower is their nightmare. Musketeer can’t be killed by Fire on Tournament level so it is used as a strong defense card and later is turned into an attacking supporter.

Giant - Balloon - Barbarians - Arrow - Minions - Fire spirits - Zap - Musketeer


Required Cards: Giant, Balloon


The main attack strategy is to drop Giant at the back of King Tower, wait until him reaching the bridge then drop Balloon right behind. Giant becomes the shield for Balloon to deal main damage to Tower. If they use flying troops, cast Arrow card right away to make way for Balloon.


Barbarians, Fire Spirits and Minions are used to defense different types of troops.

Arrow - Baby dragon - Golem - Lightning - Minions - Mega minion - Elixir collector - Skeletons


Required Cards: Golem


Golem is nightmare for any defense row. Elixir Collector is used to enhance a push with many supporters around Golem. You always need to drop Elixir Collector first. If your enemy use Fire, Poison, or Lightning on Elixir Collector, don’t panic, your attack combo won’t be stop now because your enemy need these spell cards to punish Golem’s supporters. Baby Dragon and Arrow will wipe out all small troops and Lightning will do the same to high HP troops while resetting Inferno Tower.


Your defense is weak so focus on attacking with Golem. Don’t send out troops to defend too easily, because you will lose elixirs for attack combo. Losing a Tower with a Golem deck is a common thing. You only need enough elixirs to counter with Golem and its supporters.

Barbarian hut - Goblin hut - Minions - Musketeer - Prince - Spear goblins - Zap



Spawning buildings are useful and fun to play in low Arena of the games. Barbarian Hut and Spear Goblin Hut will continuously send our troops to push enemy in 1 lane. Prince is used to defend then counter, send some small troops like Spear Goblin or Minion to help him wipe out enemy’s small troops and reach Tower. When you already put 2 spawning buildings in one lane, find a suitable chance when enemy use all elixirs to attack on these 2 buildings’ lane then drop Prince in other lane.


Prince and Barbarian Hut can shut down any building-target troops like Giant or Hog on ground. Spear Goblin, Zap and Minion will be air defense troops. Minions and Zap combo can kill Hog easily as well.

Decks with Legendary Cards

Balloon - Fire spirits - Minion horde - Lava hound - Miner - Minions - Skeletons - Zap


This deck is guaranteed to have a 3-crown win easily. However, it requires 2 Legendary cards, Miner and Lavahound.

Required Cards: Lava Hound, Balloon


Its strategy is similar to Giant Balloon deck; you drop Lava Hound at the very back then drop Balloon when it reaches the bridge. Miner is used to wipe out small troops and does chip damage when all enemy troops already target Lava Hound. If the enemy doesn’t have strong air defense, just drop a Balloon at the bridge and Miner near Tower or Minion around Balloon. This combo can take down a Tower quickly.


This deck’s defense is weak, esp against strong push combo. You totally rely on attack to defend. Minions and Fire Spirits can only defend against individual push. Skeletons card is there to defense against 1-man troop such as Knight, Musketeer, and to quickly cycle back to attack cards.