Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 8

On Arena 8, your Royal Giant and Elite Barbarian reach higher level. Focusing on these 2 cards will help you go far in ladder. Ice Spirit, Ice Golem and Night Witch start to appear and become 3 most used cards later.

Decks introduced in previous arena are still good to use:

  • Hog rider – Fire spirits – Zap – Fireball – Musketeer – Inferno tower – Skeleton army – Goblin barrel
  • Arrow – Baby dragon – Golem – Lightning – Minions – Mega minion – Elixir collector – Skeletons
  • Balloon – Fire spirits – Minion horde – Lava hound – Miner – Minions – Skeletons – Zap

Remember to replace some cards with a suitable higher level ones to make these decks stronger like adding Night Witch or Electro Wizard to Golem deck, The Log to Hog Rider deck.

Decks without Legendary Cards

It is hard not to find a deck without a Legendary Card in this arena and beyond.

Archers - Ice spirit - Minions - Royal giant - Elite barbarians - Furnace - Lightning - Zap


All of your card request effort should be on Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians, make them reach higher levels than other cards. Because overleveled cards can destroy Tower easily and are hard to be killed.

Furnace can be used for both attack and defense. Its fire spirits are good supporters for Royal Giant or Elite Barbarians.

Ice spirit - Skeletons - Zap - Cannon - Ice golem - Fireball - Musketeer - Hog rider


With an average elixir of 2.6, this deck is good in both attack and defense.


Send out Hog Rider with either Ice Spirit or Ice Golem is a low-elixir combo which can do chip damage to Tower. If enemy uses Barbarians or Witch/Wizard to defend, use Fire to kill them and does damage to Tower.


Cannon is the main defense card with support of other cards if necessary. This deck’s air defense is weak but it can be solidified by dropping small troops such as Skeletons, Ice Spirit or Ice Golem to attract attack.

Decks with Legendary Cards

Giant - Graveyard - Zap - Archers - Mega minion - Tombstone - Fireball - Bowler


Required Cards: Giant, Graveyard


Giant and Bowler used to be a strong combo to attack Tower and now it is strengthened by Graveyard. Defending with Bowler then counter alongside with Giant and Graveyard is the best situation. Otherwise, focus on using troops to attract damage and let Graveyard do its job to destroy Tower.


Bowler and Tombstone are good enough to defend against ground troop in most situations. This deck is weak against Golem or Lava Hound decks.

Zap - Musketeer - Bowler - Freeze - Tornado - Graveyard - Mega minion - Ice golem


Required Cards: Bowler, Graveyard


This deck requires you to defend then counter with Graveyard. It is the best scenario. If not, drop Ice Golem or Bowler at the far back, when enemy’s troops and tower s start to attack Bowler or Ice Golem, drop Graveyard near Tower. Graveyard will do serious damage. Enemy will start send out troops to defend against Graveyard. That’s why you need Freeze to freeze their troops and Tower to destroy them.


Bowler is main defense card against all ground troops. With its high HP, there is hardly any combo that can end its life quick. Musketeer and Mega Minion are there to help with air defense.

Fire spirits - Minions - Archers - Knight - Mortar - Musketeer - Rocket - The log


This is a quick-cycle, fun Mortar deck to use.


Mortar is main attack. 1-tile behind the bridge is the best position, where your Mortar can reach Tower and your tower can attack enemy’s troops near Mortar. Always drop troop such as Knight, Archers behind King’s Tower to gain elixir advantage. Remember to support Mortar with other troops; one rock from Mortar is still a serious damage to Tower. Rocket should be used if enemy drop high HP cards around Tower.


Mortar is not only good in attack, it can be used in defense when your enemy’s troops pass the bridge. Build Mortar between 2 Towers to attract building-target troops such as Hog or Giant and wipe out ground troops.