Clash Royale: Best Decks with All Legendary Cards

In Clash Royale, it is not easy to pick a deck with only cards in a certain type like a deck with all Common or Rare cards. Each card has its own strength and weakness, which makes putting same rare type in a deck deemed  impossible. Clash Royale has been out for several years and there are many new cards added with each update. But it still hard to pick a deck like that.

I bet there are many players who want an all-star deck, which means all legendary cards are put in 1 deck. These Legendary decks are not perfect but they are fun to play. Following are some Legendary decks which are possible to use.

Ice wizard - Lumberjack - Miner - Inferno dragon - Bandit - Log - Princess - Electro wizard


This deck contains all of low-elixir cards. They are fast to cycle and can defend against both air and ground troops, but not the best.


Miner and Princess are the main attack units to do chip damage on enemy’s Tower. Bandit is used in surprise attack, drop him when you know that he doesn’t have enough elixir to defend against Bandit or when you want your enemy to waste elixir in defense so he can’t build up an attack wave. Otherwise, this deck relies on counter to build an attack wave with enough strength to take down Tower.


Both Ice and Electro Wizards are reliable defense cards against small troops and slow down enemy’s tanks. Inferno Dragon is good against Giant, Golem and Lava Hound. Log And Princess are used to swipe a whole crowd of low-HP units.

Lava hound - Lumberjack - Graveyard - Inferno dragon - Bandit - The log - Princess - Electro wizard


I like this deck better than the one below. It has more attack patterns.


This deck has many attack combos. Lava Hound and Inferno Dragon can take down a Tower easily if the enemy doesn’t play their cards right. Lava Hound can attract all attacks to let Bandit or Graveyard take down ground units or Tower. Put a Princess far behind a Lava Hound to wipe out all small troops.


Electro Wizard, Lumberjack and Inferno Dragon can be used to defend against different type of cards. Inferno Dragon can shut down a Golem, and it can even get better if Electro Wizard is deployed to slow down small troops and Golem.