Clash Royale: Best Free-to-Play Non-Legendary Decks to Achieve 5000 Trophies

Choosing a good deck and stick to it all the time is the most sure way to reach . If you spend money, that’s easy. You can level up any cards to win against players in higher arena. Free-to-Play style takes time, a really long time and skill to reach arena 9+ and win against other decks. These decks without Legendary cards will help you achieve your dream fighting in higher arenas.


Archers - Ice spirit - Knight - Arrow - Mortar - Rocket - Skeletons - Zap


The most advantages of this deck is that you have them early in the game, which makes them faster and easier to level up.


Your main attack is Mortar. Place it near the bridge to start and defend with other cards. The faster you cycle toward mortar, the more panic your opponent becomes because they have to keep sending troop to destroy the Mortar.

If your opponent place heavy units such as Barbarian Hut and  Sparky, send a Rocket to shut them and damage tower.

In elixir x2 time and overtime, keep sending Rocket to end the game first.


Knight and Skeletons are main defense for all ground units, Archers for air ones, Zap for small troops, and arrow for flying low-HP units. If enemy plan a big rush, place Mortar in the center to draw enemy’s tower attackers like Giant, Golem.


You can replace Archers with Musketeer in this deck.

Hog rider - Ice spirit - Musketeer - Fireball - Knight - Zap - Tornado - Skeletons


This deck only contains an epic card, Tornado, which is harder to reach higher level. But it is useful even at low level.


Send Hog with ice spirit or behind Ice Golem to increase the chance for the Hog to hit Tower more.


Fire can be used to shut down big enemies crowd. Use Tornado to pull enemies toward King Tower to trigger it or pull enemies to the center of 2 Tower. Tornado is the most useful card against Hog. Use Knights, Skeletons and Musketeer depends on your enemy’s card types.


If your Knight complete its defense, wait for it reach the bridge then put down a Hog right behind it. Your Knight will be pushed by the Hog and become a shield.

Archers - Ice spirit - Minions - Royal giant - Elite barbarians - Furnace - Lightning - Zap



Drop Furnace first if you have it in the initial cards to init both defense and attack phase.

My favorite strategy is to drop Royal giant at the back of King’s Tower. Wait for your enemy’s reaction to drop suitable support card. You already has Fire Spirits from Furnace as passive supporting units against low-HP units. If they drop high-level cards, send out a Lightning. Otherwise, support the Royal Giant with Minions, Ice Spirit.

The dangerous part comes from Elite Barbarians. Drop them to the other lane to make a quick attack. Defending these 2 barbarians requires a lot of elixirs. They will do serious damage if the enemy don’t have suitable cards to defend.


You have Furnace to attract enemy’s cards, Lightning to shut down high-HP cards, Zap to kill small troops, and Elite Barbarians to defends Giant, Golem.