Clash Royale Meta Decks

While browsing forums for deck ideas, you must have seen a lot of discussion about meta or meta decks. 

What is a meta deck?

A meta deck is a popular deck which contains at least 2 cards to form a strategic plan to win a battle. Meta decks keep changing because Supercell releases update and changes once a while to keep balances of cards’ powers. With each update, your deck will change but its core plan is left similar.

The most popular meta decks



A Balloon right behind a Lava Hound is a nightmare to any defense. Lava Hound absorbs all attacks and let Balloon hit Tower. This deck often includes air units such as Minions, Mega Minion, and Inferno Dragon, and Spell such as Arrow, and Lightning.

Executioner – Tornado

This combo is the most suitable for defense. Use Tornado to pull enemy to the center and let Executioner kills all troops. In offense, use Tornado to pull enemies to Tower and the Executioner will deal damage too all troops, plus Tower.



Golem is the win condition in ladder, tournament and challenge. You will get a 3-crown win easily with Golem as Tower attacker, Baby Dragon as small-troops clearer, and Lightning as witches destroyer. Don’t forget to add a Elixir Pumper to your deck to add more support for Golem.

Hog Cycle


This combo is simple yet hard to counter perfectly. The Ice Spirit behind a Hog will temporarily shutdown enemy troop to let the Hog has at least 1 hit to Tower.



If one lets the Xbow hit the Tower, he will fall into despair and trying to destroy the Xbow by any means. This pair often goes with Inferno Tower and Electro Wizard for defense.

Zap/Log Bait


This spell bait deck is a over-powered deck. Its cheap elixir with high chance to hit Tower will make you keeps ending troops and spells to defense. However, wrong move will make you loosing elixir trade like crazy and missing opportunity to attack and defense.

Gravy Bowl


Most players use Bowler to defense then counter in combination with Graveyard.

3 Musketeers Pump


Three Musketeers can be used as defense and offense. Its 2-lane attack plan create headache to any defense line. Player of this deck loves teasing his enemy first by dropping 3 Musketeers. The enemy has to keep Lightning or Fire to defend this card. Then the player drops Elixir Collector and gets better elixir to attack with other cards.

Miner Poison Cycle


This deck use Miner and Poison as main attack force with chip damage. Its attack pattern is too simple, everyone knows it but can’t counter it without loosing Tower’s HP. Drop a Miner then drop Poison, defend with Inferno Tower, repeat.