5 Best Brick Breaker Games for Android

Brick beaker is a classic arcade game. They are simple but fun to play for hours. Following are the best brick breaker games on Android:

Brick Breaker

The name says it all, it is a brick-busting game. You move the bar at the bottom hitting the dropping ball in order to destroy all the bricks in the map. When you touch the screen, the ball is shot. Drag the screen to the left or right to move the bar.

Fairy Treasure Brick Breaker

Fairy Treasure turn original brick-busting game into a new fun adventure you have never played before. On your journey of taking the Fairy Treasure back, you will experience level after level of fast arcade fun and gorgeous areas. Fairy Treasure features a compelling story with 120+ levels of brick-busting maps, 112 different bricks and enemies, 14 power ups and magic potions and inspiring graphics and music.

Break the Bricks

Break the Bricks is one of the top smash bricks game available on Google Play.  You will enjoy a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a new standard . The game has over 100 levels and 3 different modes of speed for players to challenge.

Bricks Breaker King

Bricks Breaker King returns to the genre’s root with simple gameplay. But it doesn’t mean it is not fun to play this game. Gamers can compete with others around the world in multiplayer game mode.

Brick Breaker

This is another simple breakout style game in which you must break all of the blocks. You have to keep the ball in play and catch powerups by moving the paddle left and right.