Android Network Libraries

AsyncTask is a sought after solution when it comes to working with network connection. However, it has lots of disadvantages and lacks of features to make network requests more efficiently. Fortunately, there are a lot of Android network libraries which can do what Asynctask do and do it even better. These libraries provide important features that developers require in a library. Some of them are executing requests in parallel, cancelling network requests, caching downloaded data locally, wrapping REST API calls, supporting SPDY, HTTP/2, and serializing through JSON.
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Android Image Loading and Caching Libraries

Below are some libraries which can help display and cache image in Android. Each one has its own pros and cons so pick one carefully based on how complicated your project is.


Picasso is a simple yet powerful image downloading and caching library. I like using Picasso in all of my projects. The reason behind it is because this image library is the only one I knew when I first started learning Android development. I like how it allows for simple image loading in my app with only one line of code in most cases.
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Android Picasso Example in Android Studio

Picasso is an image library for Android. It simplifies the process of displaying images from internal storage or from an external URL. When it comes to processing images in an app, Picasso is always my choice.

Loading an image is just simple like this:

//from URL
//from resources, assets, files, content providers
Picasso.with(context).load(new File(...)).into(imageView);

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5 Services with API and SDK for Chat and Message App Development

Developing a chat or message app requires lots of skills, including server’s back-end service creation skill and Android development skill. It is better for a developer to let a 3rd-party handle server logic and scalability to focus on Android development only.

There are many services which provides back-end for message storage while providing API & SDK for developer to create a message app easier.

What these services offer:

  • Server for messages storage
  • SDKs for app development
  • Push notification support
  • One-to-one, group and cross-platform chat support

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Create Charts and Graphs Easier With These Android Libraries

Creating chart has never been a fun task to do. These libraries will help developer avoid this horrendous task.

AChartEngine is a charting library for Android app development which supports a large ranges of chart types, from simple ones such as line, bar and pie to complicated ones such as combined chart. It has the biggest number of supported chart types compared to other libraries mentioned in this post. The charts can be built as a view which can be added to any view groups or as an intent, such as it can be used to start an activity.
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Debug Tools for Android Development

When it comes to debugging in Android, developers all think of Android Debug Bridge (adb) which is a versatile command line tool which allows developer to communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device. There are many external libraries and tools which can make debugging process easier and better. Following are some of them:

Lynx shows a list view of all the information Android logcat is displaying. Different traces of different levels from log messages to app’s exception ones are displayed on screen. You can filter these traces, share the logcat to other apps. The max number of traces can be set to show.
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