20+ Best Android Castle Defense & Attack Games

Are you looking for castle defense games for your Android device? Then here is the list of the best castle defense games for Android that won’t let you put your phone down.

Snail Battles

In Snail Battles, players can experience full freedom of shooting action in this ambitious blockbuster game. Player will swipe and tap to perform combo shots and build a monster-slaughtering weapon machine on the lovable snail. You’ll start off with the legendary heroes and the battle snail to scatter the evil monsters, but throughout each battle you’ll collect coins and gems to upgrade your weapons and unlock new heroes.

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30+ Best Real Time Strategy Games for Android

Real time strategy games on Android is kind of different from what we’ve known so far about the genre on PC. The most popular one is Clash of Clan and the following RTS games are similar to it.

If you love playing real-time strategy games and are unable to pick the best one, don’t worry because we have compiled the top 30+ strategy games for Android that every strategy lover should try.
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40+ Best Turn-based Strategy Games for Android

 Тoon Clash Chess

If you love chess, you’ll love this game. Even if you don’t love chess, you’ll enjoy this game as it is a very interesting and addictive turn-based strategy game. It features the 3D fantasy world of Playville that contains three different playing locations and several unique 3D characters as well as hundreds of animations to bring the game of chess to life on your Android device.
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