Clash Royale: Best Decks with All Legendary Cards

In Clash Royale, it is not easy to pick a deck with only cards in a certain type like a deck with all Common or Rare cards. Each card has its own strength and weakness, which makes putting same rare type in a deck deemed  impossible. Clash Royale has been out for several years and there are many new cards added with each update. But it still hard to pick a deck like that. Continue reading “Clash Royale: Best Decks with All Legendary Cards”

Clash Royale: Best Free-to-Play Non-Legendary Decks to Achieve 5000 Trophies

Choosing a good deck and stick to it all the time is the most sure way to reach . If you spend money, that’s easy. You can level up any cards to win against players in higher arena. Free-to-Play style takes time, a really long time and skill to reach arena 9+ and win against other decks. These decks without Legendary cards will help you achieve your dream fighting in higher arenas.


Continue reading “Clash Royale: Best Free-to-Play Non-Legendary Decks to Achieve 5000 Trophies”

Clash Royale Review

Clash Royale is a freemium strategy video game for smartphones that was developed and published by Supercell. The game is sort of a combination of a competitive real-time strategy game with tower defense game. Every player has three towers: one big king tower and two small towers on either side. You are given a deck of cards stacked with different spells and units, all of which need elixir to activate. The more the elixir, the more powerful the card. The elixir slowly fills throughout the match, and you position your units in a way that will defeat your opponent and destroy their towers. Continue reading “Clash Royale Review”