[Tutorial Highlight] Tutorial – greenDAO From Scratch

greenDAO is an Android ORM library which offers an object oriented interface to work with date in SQLite. The library also provides advanced ORM features such as session cache, eager loading, and active entities. It is also claimed to insert, update and load data at rates of several thousand entities per second.


devteam83 introduces how to work with greenDAO in a series of 4 posts. It is the most detailed tutorial about greenDAO I’ve found.
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[Tutorial Highlight] Develop a Hangman Game

Hangman is a word game. Player must complete a word by guessing alphabet characters within a limited number of turns.

This tutorial will teach you to create a simple Hangman game for Android using Eclipse IDE. It will also help you learn some basic skill to develop an Android app and game. The game will consist of two screens, include user interaction involving adapters, contain dialogs and an action bar, and leverage XML for data storage. This is a tutorial for beginner so it only contains simple, basic structure. It is better if you can add your own features or logic to it.


This tutorial is divided into 3 parts:
1) Project Setup
2) User Interface
3) Gameplay and Interaction
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