Final Fantasy XV Review

Square Enix have been a developer that’s been relatively hit and miss over the last few years. Some of their games have been great; yet some have been mediocre at best. After how hit and miss FF13 turned out to be, I don’t think anyone had the highest hopes for the next mainstream Final Fantasy title, but did FF15 manage to push past all that and become the next best RPG from Square Enix? Well, let’s find out! Continue reading “Final Fantasy XV Review”

5 Best PS4 RPG Games in Early 2017

Although RPG games are very popular on PC, more and more RPGs have arrived on console in the past few years. This is great, because it shows the dedication and focus people have towards making something unique, exciting and very immersive. With that in mind, we created a list that includes some of the best RPGs you can play on PS4 at this time. Continue reading “5 Best PS4 RPG Games in Early 2017”

Top 5 tri-Ace RPG Games

Not sure what tri-Ace is? The small company has been recently acquired by Nepro Japan, which you have probably heard of. The result is obvious – the company will not longer focus on Wii U, PS3, PS4 and other consoles. Instead, it will focus on mobile gaming. If you have not played any of its games already, perhaps you should give yourself the opportunity. You will definitely not regret it! Then, what are the best RPG games developed by tri-Ace? Continue reading “Top 5 tri-Ace RPG Games”

PS Vita L2/R2 Button Grip Cover

Remote Play is one of the best features of the Playstation Vita. However, lacking of L2/R2 physical buttons makes some games hard to be played properly.

Japanese manufacturer, Joetsu Electronic Industries, tackles this lacking of physical buttons by making a new L2/R2 Button Grip Cover for the Vita. You only need to snap it on your Vita then the case will transfer your touch from L2/R2 on the cover to the handheld’s rear touchpad. This cover only supports PS Vita Slim right now. Continue reading “PS Vita L2/R2 Button Grip Cover”

Best PS4 Wall Mount: Forza Designs

For gamers with limited space options, being able to mount your console on the wall means saving up a lot of space and being able to protect the console additionally. Although this accessory doesn’t necessarily improve your gaming performance, it certainly improves your space management and allows your console to be as safe as possible. If you were, by chance, looking to mount your PS4 onto the wall, Forza Designs is the accessory that will let you do it without too much of a hassle. In fact, it can be done simply and neatly with its help. It is the best PS4 wall mount you can find in the market Continue reading “Best PS4 Wall Mount: Forza Designs”

Dekavita 7 Can Turn Your PS Vita TV Into 7 Inches Portable Console

PS Vita owners will love this gadget from a Japanese company. It is called Dekavita 7 and it can make your PS Vita bigger. The Dekavita 7 is a clever little device that can turn a PlayStation Vita into a 7-inch portable console. If you want to play Vita games on a bigger screen, Dekavita 7 is the accessory you need. Continue reading “Dekavita 7 Can Turn Your PS Vita TV Into 7 Inches Portable Console”