7 Best Space Shooter Games for iPhone and iPad

Let us take a look at some of the best space shooter games available for iPhones and iPads to ensure that your leisure time is the highlight of your day.

Star Horizon

Do you ever fantasize about being part of an epic space battle? If so, Star Horizon is the game for you. Sprinkled with humorous interactions between your character and the artificial intelligence controlling your ship, Star Horizon is marked with exhilarating space battles and the constant dilemma of helping friends or obeying orders. Download Star Horizon and embark on an exciting journey.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Revolving around destroying enemy ships, Strike Wing provides you with a range of missions and ships via its expansion system. Its iCloud support provides you with the luxury of playing the game in a variety of devices. Amidst the vibrant graphics and adaptable missions, it’s a game which you will find hard to stop playing once you begin.

Alien Space Retro

Alien Space Retro is a game that stands out due to a variety of enemies and compelling visuals. Different difficulty levels make it an appealing game to people belonging to different age groups. If you like adventure, you will love the premise of the game which follows a pilot as he infiltrates the enemy space and destroys whatever comes in his way.

Demon Star

Demon Star is the ultimate survival game. A revamped version of the classic space-shooter, Demon Star doesn’t disappoint. It vows to take you back to the classic version with its nostalgic music. However, the brilliant visuals and graphics set it apart. Between 25 levels and scary enemies, Demon Star guarantees you a fun time.

The Void

All about conquering the galaxy, The Void is the ultimate roleplaying game. Your character begins as a low-rank space pirate but develops into an advanced space fighter as you progress. A developing character and the choice of upgrading your ship will keep you invested in The Void for a long time.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

A critically acclaimed game, Space Invaders Infinity Gene is a must try. A sequel to the classic “Space Invaders,” Space Invaders Infinity Gene is the right combination of nostalgia and novelty. What starts as a better graphical version of the original quickly evolves into new stages and features. It promises and delivers an exciting and fun-filled gaming experience.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Dubbed as the best air combat game, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is marked by riveting visuals, new stages, and a variety of modes. Different difficulty levels and the auto pilot mode makes it a game for all kinds of gamers. The thrill of flying a plane intensifies its appeal.

7 Best Open World Games on iPhone and iPad

It is always a good idea to know about the various options you have in your preferred game genre so that you do not miss out on something you like. If you are someone who enjoys a good game of open-world adventure, this list will prove to be the perfect option. We have put together some of the best open-world games that you will find on the App Store. Continue reading “7 Best Open World Games on iPhone and iPad”

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9 Best Action RPG Games for iPhone and iPad

While there is an abundance of roleplaying games on the internet, some of them are unforgettable due to their crisp graphics and visuals. Enter an action-packed world full of adventure and excitement with these 10 best roleplaying games for iPhones and iPads.

Solomon’s Keep

How great would it be to be a wizard? With Solomon’s Keep, you can make all your magical dreams come true. As a senior in the Wizarding College, your task is to fire spells, destroy your enemies, and fight the evil wizard. Make your virtual teachers proud. With the ideal blend of action and magic, Solomon’s Keep will help break the monotony in your life.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Another addition to a classic series, Dungeon Hunter explores different realms and dungeons to provide you with a satisfactory experience. Help the hero in his quest of becoming the best bounty hunter in town. Hire your fellow players, build your own stronghold, and create an alternate universe. Dungeon Hunter surely succeeds in delivering a quality game.

Knights and Dragons – Epic Action RPG

There is something alluring about dragons along with other mythical creatures. Knights and Dragons – Epic Action RPG provides you with an array of creatures. It helps you build your own family of heroes with your friends and fellow players while you combat different mythical creatures. Clash with players around the world and emerge victorious. If you are a dragon lover, you will not be disappointed.

Pocket RPG

A top contender for the best game of 2011, Pocket RPG allows you to choose your own character from three unique classes including Blade Master, Dark Ranger and the Battle Mage. Marked by different adventures, your character starts from the bottom and develops as the game progresses. Watch your character evolve and your score climb while enjoying the quests that come your way.

Guardian Soul

Guardian Soul takes the concept of customization to a whole new level. Not only can you make your own character, but you can also customize different weapons by mixing an array of items. With an interesting plot, Guardian Soul combines romance with action to provide the ultimate package of an entertaining and stimulating game.


Heroes and Castles

What will you do if the fate of your beloved kingdom depended on you? Heroes and Castles is an action-packed roleplaying game exploring the life of a character who is alone in his quest to save his castle from goblins. Build strong walls around your castle as you prepare to fight the dangerous goblins and submerge in the fantasy to protect your castle.

Valkyrie Gauntlet 2

Valkyrie Gauntlet 2 differs from other roleplaying games due to its intense storyline and crisp visuals. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you save your stronghold from the evil Datuk. Incentives are provided to entice you to play with your friends and build a distinctive online community.


Play Oceanhorn and watch your character develop from a boy to a full-fledged warrior. Provided with a catchy soundtrack from one of the best music composers out there, Oceanhorn follows the compelling story of a boy who comes face to face with danger as he tries to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance.

The Shadow Sun

If you are a fan of The Witcher franchise, you will surely enjoy The Shadow Sun. A riveting story, intensely customized characters, and one of the best roleplaying games available on mobile phones, The Shadow Sun succeeds in providing an experience you will not forget.